Neurological Therapies & Laser

We use Breakthrough Neurological Therapies to stimulate your peripheral nerves improving their function as well as Class IV low level laser therapy

Our approach is to address the underlying cause of your neuropathy and rebuild and restore your peripheral nerves to improve nerve and brain function using proven nutritional protocols as well as specific nerve stimulations and therapies.

The neurological therapies or stimulations we use are specific and unique for each individual. These therapies are determined by the neurological consultation, the neurological examination and advanced neurological computerized testing. These therapies help restore impaired function by using the concepts of neuroplasticity and the nervous system’s inherent ability to repair itself.

The therapies target affected areas with specific activities to activate, stimulate and rebuild neural pathways. These stimulations are aimed at reactivating the nervous system where abilities have been compromised.

Therapy regimens may include:

Rebuilder Therapy for Neuropathy

  • Stimulates the nerve electrically
    - Blocks pain
    - Improves blood flow
  • Stimulates the nerve biochemically
    - Allows for greater metabolism and healing
    - Reduces inflammation locally
  • Alternating current between 4400hz to 12,300hz with constant intensity allows for deeper penetration.
  • SSEP: Somatosensory Evoked Potential stimulations to improve the sensory and motor function of the nerves
  • Vibration therapy: To stimulate the large diameter nerves that are damaged in peripheral neuropathy, improving sensation and decreasing pain
  • Proprioceptive stimulation: To improve the function of the nerves that control balance and dexterity.
  • Vestibular stimulation: To improve the neurological mechanisms involved in producing good balance.
  • Advanced muscle retraining: To strengthen and improve muscle coordination in those neuropathy patients where the motor system is compromised.
  • Interactive Metronome: To improve the timing of the nerves that fire and communicate back to the brain
  • Oxygen therapy: To provide fuel for proper nerve function

Rebuilder Therapy for Neuropathy
Class IV low level laser therapy (also known as “cold laser”) stimulates and increase blood flow to your peripheral nerves:
  • Laser therapy uses a specific wavelength of light (longer than 800NM) that has been proven to go into the nerve cells and stimulate energy production inside the neuron allowing it to heal
  • This light also stimulates micro-circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Increases Circulation and Angiogenesis
  • Reduces or Eliminates Acute and Chronic Pain
  • Reduces Inflammation and Swelling
  • Stimulates and Improves Nerve Function
  • Stimulates and Improves Nerve Function
  • Increases Mobility and Muscle Function

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