"I was having BIG problems with Neuropathy for over 2 years that affected my balance and walking. Now since this care I don't have neuropathy anymore and I'm off the Lyrica!"

"Prior to coming to see Dr Childs, I had Sjögren’s syndrome, a neurological speech impediment, balance problems, Peripheral Neuropathy and Insomnia. All these problems affected my life, the worst was my speech problem which made it hard to speak or be understood. Then, my MD prescribe a medication for my Sjögren’s that he said would damage my liver. So… I decided to come and see Dr. Childs. Since coming here, EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED! I have stoped using all my meds. My normal speech has returned! My Peripheral Neuropathy and Sjögren’s are improving. I sleep without AMBIEN! And last, there is the diet, healthy and losing weight. I am here to tell you, if you are suffering – stop, call Dr. Childs and start getting better.”

"For 2 years I suffered with pain, burning and no sleep. My MD gave me pain and sleep meds. The symptoms got worse and I could not go anywhere without my meds and I could NOT SLEEP. Not knowing what was wrong, I googled the symptoms and found Dr. Durr and Dr Childs – who diagnosed me with Peripheral Neuroparthy and I started their PN program. NOW, I can sleep; the pain and buring is nearly gone and I DO NOT need my meds. Thank you Dr Childs and Dr Durr!"

“25 yrs migraines, 20 yrs carpal – now after therapy with Dr. Childs and Dr. Durr I have not had a migraine in 7 months and my carpal had greatly improved ….”

“My family MD diagnosed me with PN and said there was no cure (AKA no hope), I googled PN, found Dr. Childs and Dr Durr, and since coming here the soles of my feet are no longer numb, no more stabbing, no more burning. THERE IS HOPE – here!”

“When I came to see Dr. Durr, I was taking 15 prescription pills/day for my arthritis and peripheral neuropathy. My MD’s said I would never get off these meds. Dr. Durr said my AI system was attacking itself and causing the RA and PN and pain. Since being with Dr Durr, I have stopped taking 11 pills, my pain is almost gone and my AI system is working!”

“I came to the clinic with chronic foot pain; now I am able to do all the things I want to do.”

“Before I came to Dr. Childs’ and Dr. Durr’s Clinic, I had chronic pain in my feet; now the pain, tingling and cold has much improved and my life has returned to normal!”

“Thanks to Dr Childs and Dr Durr, I dont take pain pills anymore, I sleep throught the night and am very happy!”

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